Lucia Baldassarri

Laureata in Lingue e Culture Straniere, studentessa di Letterature Moderne, Comparate e Postcoloniali, illustratrice in formazione. No, non è “trova l’intruso”. Per ulteriori informazioni, ecco di seguito la posh biography internazionale: 


I was born in Italy, in a little village on a lovely lakeside near Perugia, where I spent most of my childhood playing, drawing and building up my own personal picturebooks in the open air. I have always loved ART although drawing was nothing but a hobby to me, until the age of 16 when I decided it would have been my job someday.

I finished high school, graduated in Foreign Languages, spent half a year in Nottingham, but still my illustration path went on by itself: I took part in different courses featuring italian illustrators Antonio Vincenti, Claudio Ferracci and Moreno Chiacchiera to name a few, and different contests. All of them were about children’s book illustration, which is what I aspire to do.

Summer 2014 was a turning point: not only I was asked to illustrate a grammar and excercise book for Guerra Edizioni, “L’Italiano nel Turismo” (it will be published in January 2015), but also took part in Children’s Book Illustration Summer School at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, a week-long intensive course led by illustrators Pam Smy, Marta Altés, Courtney Dicmas, Imogen Claire, Carolina Rabei and designer Ness Wood.
This course was definitely a headstart to professional picture book making, and a very motivating and inspiring experience.



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